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OA1038: Windy City (3 CDs)



A Dramatic Musical

Music:  Walter Jurmann

Lyrics:  Paul Francis Webster

Book:   Philip Yordan

Revised Book and Performance Edition:  Steven A. Daigle

This world-premiere recording of the 1946 musical Windy City (not to be confused with the 1982 British musical with the same title) showcases—in its composer, lyricist, and librettist—three leading figures of mid-20th-century music, theater, and film.  Its “gambling versus romance” plotline, which anticipates that of Guys and Dolls of four years later, and its array of colorful characters, provided composer Jurmann and lyricist Webster with song opportunities across a broad musical spectrum.  The “sound” is definitely that of 1940s Broadway, but imbued with the Vienna-born Jurmann’s unique American stylings.  The first two CDs feature the entire score and complete dialogue; the third contains the musical numbers only.


Music Director:  Steven A. Daigle                          

Pianist:  Jan Roper

Stony, bartender at the Horseshoe Café                     Robert Norman

Mackenzie (“Mac”)                                                       Elyse Willis

Danny O’Brien, third-generation gambler                    Nathan Brian

Lola Sherman, singer at the Horseshoe Café             Sarah Best

Frankie, cigar shop owner                                           Kevin Blickfeldt

Sam Miller, owner of a burlesque house                     William Martinez

Ruby, ex-comic of the burlesque house                      Stephen Faulk

Officer O’Leary, policeman on State Street                 Robert Norman

Martin O’Brien, Danny’s father, second-generation gambler   Ryan Reithmeier

Gramps, Danny’s grandfather, Martin’s father             Randy Crenshaw

Louie, lifelong criminal, piano player at the Horseshoe Café      Stephen Faulk

Fats, bouncer at the Horseshoe Café                          William Martinez

Patsy, Horseshoe Café waitress                                  Natalia Ballenger

Messenger                                                                   Elyse Willis

Jimmy Casino / Man, ghost of riverboat gambler                  Kevin Blickfeldt

Father O’Donnell, from a local church                         Kevin Blickfeldt

Angel, lady of the night on State Street                       Heather Reithmeier

Herbie, Horseshoe Café patron                                   Stephen Faulk

Train Station Announcer                                              William Martinez

3-CD set           60-page booklet enclosed          Total playing time: 3 hr