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OA1036: Melody (2 CDs)


Music by Sigmund Romberg    Lyrics by Irving Caesar
This is the world premiere recording of an unknown 1933 musical by the great master of American operetta, Sigmund Romberg.   More sophisticated in its musical stylings than anything the composer had done before, Melody is chock full of tunes, including the irresistibly catchy and rousing chorus “Give Me a Roll on a Drum.”  The multi-generational story is reminiscent of Romberg’s Maytime.

CD 1 – ACT I:  The stately Paris mansion of Count Gustave de Nemours, 1881

1  Prelude  (Scene 1)

2  Our Little Lady Upstairs           
    Leon, Mariette, Tristan, Chorus

3  Incidental

4  Melody                                       
    Andrée, Tristan, Leon, François

5  Incidental                               

6  I’d Write a Song                         

7  Finaletto                                     
    Andrée, Tristan

8  Change of Scene  (Scene 2)

9   Ballet

10  Incidental  (Scene 3)

11  Good Friends Surround Me   
    Andrée, Pierre, Tristan, Chorus

12  On to Africa  (Scene 4)          
    François, Lazare, Men

13  Finale  (Scene 5)                    
    Andrée, Tristan

14  You Are the Song                   
    Andrée, Tristan

CD 2 – ACT II:  Scene 1:  The terrace of the Nemours’ château, near Lille, 1906

1  Entr’acte

2  Fashion Parade

3  Tea Number                             
    Max, Pierre, Gustave

4  Incidental

5  In My Garden                           

6  Incidental

7  Rendez-vous                          
    Eugenie, Pierre, Gustave

8  Pompadour                             
    Eugenie, François

9  Finaletto                                   
    Andrée, Ninon
Scenes 2 – 3:  Universal Radio Building, New York, 1933

10  Melody  (Reprise)                   
    George, Radio Announcer

11  Never Had an Education        
    Phoebe, Girls

12  Incidental
13  Incidental

14  Musical Interlude                     
    George, François, (Phoebe)

15  Vision Scene                            
    Andrée, Tristan
Scene 4 – 8:  A street and a restaurant in Paris, a week later

16  The Whole World Loves                           

17  Change of Scene  (Scene 5)

18  Give Me a Roll on a Drum                       
    Paula, Chorus

19  Dance

20  Tonight May Never Come Again           
    Paula, George

21  Tonight May Never Come Again (Reprise)  (Scene 6)     
    Paula, George

22  Scene Change  (Scene 7)

23  Scene Change  (Scene 8)

24  Finale Ultimo