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OA1033: Going Up!


by Louis Hirsch
Although largely forgotten today, Louis Hirsch was one of the most important and progressive musical theater composers during the years surrounding World War I. His biggest hit, among a dozen Broadway shows, was the 1917 Going Up, which exploited the current fascination with airplanes. This studio recording, with four-hand piano accompaniment, showcases Hirsch’s bottomless melodic well and the rhythmic and harmonic stylings that kept him apace with Jerome Kern.

ACT I: Lounging room at Gordon Inn: Lenox, Massachusetts
1. Overture
2. Opening Chorus: Hello! Hello!
       Miss Zonne, Ensemble
3. I’ll Bet You
       John Gordon, Ensemble
4. I Want a Boy (Who’s Determined to Do What I Say)
       Madeline Manners, Hopkinson Brown
5. If You Look in Her Eyes
       Grace Douglas, Madeline Manners
6. Going Up 
       Jules Gaillard, Ensemble
7. Finale
ACT II: Sitting room of Robert Street’s apartment at the Inn, same evening
8. Entr’acte
9. The Touch of a Woman’s Hand
       Grace Douglas, Girls
10. Down! Up! Left! Right!
       Street, Brown, Brooks, Robinson
11. Do It for Me
       Madeline Manners, Hopkinson Brown
12. Ev’rybody Ought to Know How to Do the Tickle Toe
       Grace Douglas, Ensemble
13. Kiss Me
       Grace Douglas, Jules Gaillard
14. Scene: If You Look in Her Eyes
       Grace Douglas, Robert Street
15. Finale
ACT III: Scene I - A field near Gordon Inn, 6:00 the next afternoon / Scene II - Another portion of the field /
Scene III - In the air, an hour later / Scene IV - Exterior of hotel, one hour later
16. Entr’acte 
17. Opening Chorus: Hip Hooray
18. There’s a Brand New Hero
       Jules Gaillard, Ensemble
19. Here’s to the Two of You
       Grace Douglas, Ensemble
20. Front Scene: You Start to Sway 
21. Finale Ultimo
Bonus Songs by Irving Berlin
22. Come Along to Toy Town 
       Elyse Marchant
23. When the Curtain Falls
       Elyse Marchant, Ryan Reithmeier