OA1031: My Home Town Girl


by Louis Hirsch

New York-born Louis Hirsch (1881–1924) reigned with Jerome Kern as a leading driver in transitioning American musical theater, in the second decade of the 20th century, from the operetta and music hall stylings of the past to a new “modern” brand of musical comedy—with witty, intimate, believable plotlines and a ceaselessly melodic musical score. This studio recording, with four-hand piano accompaniment, of Hirsch’s complete score for his 1915 musical My Home Town Girl is the first in a planned series that will revisit the rare musical theater gems of a bygone era.

ACT I: “The Bride Shop,” Fifth Avenue, New York (morning)
1. Overture
2. Opening: If You Would Like to Know
     Shopgirls, Bridesmaids, Boys
3. Madame Marie
4. When I Found You
    Dudley, Eleanor
5. There are Thousands of Girlies
    Tony, Girls
6. Hello Dorothy May
7. Love Me in the Morning Early
    Dorothy, Tony
8. To-Night at Ten
    Dorothy, Eleanor, Tony, Dudley

9. Finale
ACT II: Eleanor Arlington’s Home, Riverside Drive (evening)
10. Opening: Dance, Dance, Dance
11. Boy of Mine I Wait for You
12. Show Me ‘Round the Town
13. My Home Town
       Dorothy, Tony
14. Till You Belong to Me
       Peter, Marie
15. Games of Childhood
       Dorothy, Tony
16. There’s Always a Way
       Dudley, Eleanor
17. I’m Over Here All Alone
       Dorothy, Tony

18. Finale
Bonus Songs: Performed during the show’s run, but not included in the published vocal score
19. Perfume of Love
20. My Spooky Girl

21. Take a Little Kiss
       Dorothy, Boys

1 CD     Total playing time:  61 min.