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Franz Lehár’s  CLOCLO

(The Ohio Light Opera, 2018 Summer Festival – DVD)
ères star Cloclo loves the poor Maxim, but has a wealthy older admirer, Severin, the mayor of Perpignan, who enjoys escaping from his wife Melousine.  Although Cloclo refers to him as “Daddy,” milks him for money, and receives an occasional kiss on the hand, their relationship is, otherwise, quite innocent.  Cloclo’s “send more money” letter to “Dear Daddy” is opened by Melousine, who assumes that she is Severin’s illegitimate daughter.  In a moment of maternal devotion, she invites Cloclo to come live with them in Perpignan.  Cloclo, in trouble with the law for striking an officer, is more than happy to accept the offer and heads off with Melousine.  Arriving home for his 50th-birthday celebration, Severin is quite surprised to see Cloclo.  When Maxim shows up, romantic tensions escalate.