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OA1027: The Little Dutch Girl (DVD)


Emmerich Kálmán’s  THE LITTLE DUTCH GIRL

(The Ohio Light Opera, 2016 Summer Festival – DVD)
In a small German town, Princess Jutta awaits her arranged marriage to Prince Paul, whom she has not met but whose letters and portraits have won her heart. She is stood up at the alter—the Prince has no interest in marriage, preferring to continue his adventures with girls and sailing in his Dutch homeland. She is falsely told by the Prince’s secretary, Dr. Udo von Sterzl, that the Prince is sick and just couldn’t make it. The Lord Chamberlain intervenes and tells Jutta that, according to statute, the ceremony can go ahead as planned, with Sterzl acting as proxy. When, after the ceremony, Sterzl informs Jutta that Paul couldn’t care less about her, Jutta vows to seek revenge.  She, her lady-in-waiting, and the Lord Chamberlain travel to Holland, where they disguise themselves as Dutch staff at the Prince’s favorite café hangout.  Although Paul falls in love with the “little Dutch girl” and she with him, Jutta summons the will to reveal her identify, dump him, and claim her revenge.  But … there is one act to go.