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OA1021: Marinka


Emmerich Kálmán’s Marinka
This 1945 Broadway romantic musical is a happy-end version of the infamous Mayerling episode in Austrian history –the mysterious double suicide of Crown Prince Rudolf and his teenaged mistress Maria Vetsera. This world premiere recording of the entire Broadway score includes cut numbers, the complete ballet music, and features nine singers with two-piano accompaniment. Hit songs include “Only one touch of Vienna,” “The cab song,” Sigh by night,” and the quite risqué “When I auditioned for the harem of the shah.”

1. Overture  Adam Aceto, Patrick Johnson  
ACT I    
2. Only one touch of Vienna 
       Bradley, Nadine, Diefendorfer, Two Male Students

3. Only one touch of Vienna (reprise) 

4. My prince came riding 
       Marinka, Tilly, Diefendorfer

5. The cab song 
       Bratfisch, Tilly, Francis

6. If I never waltz again   Audio Sample
       Marinka, Rudolph

7. Scene-change music   

8. Turn on the charm 
       Bratfisch, Tilly, Diefendorfer

9. I admit   Audio Sample

10. One last love song 
       Marinka, Rudolph

11. Old Man Danube 
       Bratfisch, Two Officers

12. Dance in Hungarian style 
       Adam Aceto, Patrick Johnson

13. Csárdás 
       Landowska, Sacher, Francis, Lobkowitz, Waitress

14. Sigh by night 
       Marinka, Rudolph

15. Scene-change music   

16. One last love song (reprise) 
       Marinka, Rudolph

17. Finale: Sweet the meadow grasses 
ACT II    
18. Entr’acte   Audio Sample
       Adam Aceto, Patrick Johnson
19. Treat a woman like a drum 
       Marinka, Tilly, Diefendorfer, Francis, Bratfisch

20. Young Man Danube 
       Francis, Tilly, Diefendorfer

21. When I auditioned for the harem of the shah  Audio Sample

22. Brave new world 

23. Turn on the charm (reprise) 
       Marinka, Rudolph

24. When I auditioned for the harem of the shah (reprise)

25. Sigh by night (reprise) 
       Marinka, Rudolph

26. Only one touch of Vienna (reprise)