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OA1018: Back in the Limelight


Back in the Limelight
Hear early Broadway brought back to life in this CD of 11 four-hand piano selections from vintage musicals, as played by Adam Aceto and Patrick Johnson. Included are little-known gems of George Gershwin (Song of the Flame), Jerome Kern (The Night Boat), and Harry Ruby (The 5 O’Clock Girl), as well as charming rarities by less-well-known composers Louis Hirsch (The Grass Widow), Milton Schwarzwald (Flora Bella), Harry Carroll (Oh, Look!), and others.

Piano Selections – Four Hands – From Early Broadway Musicals
Pianists:  Adam Aceto and Patrick Johnson

1. A Lonely Romeo   (M:  Malvin Franklin and Robert Hood Bowers   L:  Robert B. Smith)
2. Half a King   (M:  Ludwig Englander   L:  Harry B. Smith)      
3. Song of the Flame   (M:  George Gershwin and Herbert Stothart   L:  Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II)
4. The Night Boat (M:  Jerome Kern   L:  Anne Caldwell)
5. Flora Bella   (M:  Milton Schwarzwald   L:  Percy Waxman and Earl Carroll)
6. The Red Widow   (M:  Charles Gebest   L:  Channing Pollock and Rennold Wolf)
7. Oh, Look!   (M:  Harry Carroll   L:  Joseph McCarthy)
8. The Grass Widow   (M:  Louis Hirsch   L: Channing Pollock and Rennold Wolf)
9. Take It from Me   (M:  Will R. Anderson   L:  Will B. Johnstone)
10. Queen O’ Hearts   (M:  Lewis Gensler and Dudley Wilkinson   L:  Oscar Hammerstein II and Frank Mandel)
11. The 5 O’Clock Girl   (M:  Harry Ruby   L:  Bert Kalmar)