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OA1017: Spring All The Year Round


Spring all the Year Round
The Melodies of Charles Kálmán

Inspired by his father’s operetta roots, but carving out his own musical style more reminiscent of the European and American popular music of the 1920’s and 1930’s, Munich-based composer Charles Kálmán has achieved great success in a large number of works for the stage, the concert hall, and film.  Pianist Alex Hassan takes us on a virtuosic survey of a cross-section of this oeuvre.
Alex Hassan, Pianist
1. Fabian melody from the film Fabian           
2. Two songs from the musical Rendezvous mit dem Leben            
3. The piano lesson from Teenager Suite             
4. Spring all the year round      
5. The clown song from the film Fabian      Audio Sample
6. Am Morgen danach          
7. Ein Mann, Ein Mann (Lied Vicky) from the musical Rendezvous mit dem Leben  
8. New York Impressions       
9. Rich man, poor man      
10. Prom’nons nous           
11. Je ne veux pas regarder l’heure          
12. Hörst du der Liebe süsse Lieder?          
13. Un!  Deux!    Audio Sample
14. When I close my eyes from the musical fantasy The Dryad’s Kiss     
15. Valse Berta from the film Rosenemil       
16. Three songs from the musical Babe in The Woods                   
17. Canzone d’amore     
18. I’m young                               
19. Marjorie-Walzer from the operetta Wir reisen um die Welt           
20. Ein Tag                                                                                                                 
21. Medley from the operetta Wir reisen um die Welt        Audio Sample