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OA1012: Fascinating Night


Rediscovered Gems from The Early Days of Musical Theatre:  Volume I

At least 90 percent of the nearly 3000 musicals to play Broadway over the past 150 years have fallen into total oblivion.  Yet many of these shows contain song gems of great beauty and entertainment value that, in their day, delighted audiences.  The repertoire for this CD is taken from Broadway and West End shows from the period 1898–1927.  The majority are here given their recording debuts.
Robin De Leon and Julie Wright, sopranos    
Peter Halverson, baritone         
Victoria Kirsch, piano
1. The Cabaret Girl:  The first rose of summer   (M: Jerome Kern, L: P. G. Wodehouse, Anne Caldwell)    Peter Halverson
Audio Sample
2. Caroline:  Argentine   (M: Eduard Künneke, Alfred Goodman, L: Harry B. Smith)    Robin De Leon, Peter Halverson, Julie Wright
3. Sybil:  I like the boys     (M: Victor Jacobi, L: Harry B. Smith)    Robin De Leon, with Peter Halverson
4. Miss Hook of Holland:  Fly away kite     (M: Paul Rubens, L: Paul Rubens)    Julie Wright
5. Suzi:  Fascinating night    (M:  Aladár Rényi, L:  Otto Hauerbach) Robin De Leon, Peter Halverson
Audio Sample
6. A Greek Slave:   I’m a naughty girl    (M: Lionel Monckton, L: Harry Greenbank, Adrian Ross)   Julie Wright, with Robin De Leon and Peter Halverson
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7. Her Soldier Boy:  The kiss waltz     (M: Sigmund Romberg, L: Rida Johnson Young)       Peter Halverson, Julie Wright
8. What’s in a Name?:  A young man’s fancy     (M:  Milton Ager, L: John Murray Anderson, Jack Yellen)   Robin De Leon
9. Robinson Crusoe, Jr.:  My pirate lady     (M:  Sigmund Romberg, L:  Harold Atteridge)    Peter Halverson
10. Have a Heart:  Peter Pan     (M:  Jerome Kern, L: P. G. Wodehouse)    Robin De Leon
11. The Pink Lady:  My beautiful lady     (M:  Ivan Caryll, L:  C. M. S. McLellan)   Robin De Leon, Julie Wright
12. The Lady in Red:  Visions of the fireside  (M: Leo Fall, L: Anne Caldwell)  Peter Halverson
13. As You Were:  Helen of Troy  (M:  Herman Darewski, L: Arthur Wimperis)   Robin De Leon
14. Apple Blossoms:  Who can tell?  (M: Fritz Kreisler, L: William Le Baron)    Julie Wright
15. Madame Sherry:  The birth of passion  (M:  Karl Hoschna, L: Otto Hauerbach)  Robin De Leon, Peter Halverson
16 The Nightingale:  May moon   (M:  Armand Vecsey, L: P. G. Wodehouse)    Julie Wright
17. Zip Goes a Million:  The mandolin and the man     (M:  Jerome Kern, L: Buddy De Sylva)  Robin De Leon, Peter Halverson, Julie Wright