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OA1011: The Violet of Montmartre (3 CDs)


2004 Festival Season
The Violet of Montmartre
(Das Veilchen vom Montmartre)
With harmonies that pay homage to Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Richard Strauss, Kálmán is at his most international in this Bohème-inspired story of three starving artists and the street singer who comes to their rescue.  Sung in English, with full libretto enclosed, this is the first complete recording of what surely ranks as one of the composer’s masterpieces.  Bonus tracks include two songs that Kálmán inserted in the 1930 Berlin production.

Music by Emmerich Kálmán
New Performance Edition and Translation by Steven Daigle
Original German Book and Lyrics by Julius Brammer and Alfred Grünwald
Conductor:  Steven Byess
Stage Director:  Steven Daigle

Audio Samples:
CD 1, Track 11
CD 2, Track 20

Violetta Cavallini, a street singer, “The Violet of Montmartre”
    Nancy María Balach
Raoul Delacroix, a painter
    Brian Woods
Florimond Hervé, a musician 
    Grant Knox 
Henri Murger, a poet
    Ted Christopher  
Ninon, a grisette  
    Robin De Leon  
General Pipo de Frascatti, Minister of Fine Arts  
    James Harr  
François Pisquatschec, town bailiff  
    Gregory Brookes  
Parigi, Violetta’s  guardian, a street musician  
    Kevin Blickfeldt  
Baron Jacob Rothschild  
    Oliver Henderson  
Camille Blumé, art dealer and theater fan  
    Joshua Kohl  
The Directorof the Vaudeville Theater in Paris  
    Justin Legris  
Secretary Leblancof the Ministry of Fine Arts  
    Oliver Henderson  
Maurice, theater usher  
    Lee Matsos  
Frapeau, stage manager  
    Nathan Brian  
Armand, an elderly bohemian  
    Spiro Matsos  
Lolette, cast member of “A Kiss in Springtime”  
    Shannon Langman  
Chochette, cast member of “A Kiss in Springtime”  
    Betha Christopher  
Fleurette, cast member of “A Kiss in Springtime”  
    Penny Hansen  
Bébé, a messenger of the dress shop “The Two Monkeys”  
    Julianna Byess  
Margot, Ninon’s maid  
    Rachel Rowe  
Kitchen Boy  
    David Haslam
Chorus:  Sara Gartland, Sahara Glasener, Jessica Hornsten, Danielle McCormick, Dominique, McCormick, Sarah Minckler, Elizabeth Mitchell, Sandra Ross, Rosanna Yoder, Carl Bara, Drake Dantzler

Live recording with complete dialogue.
Bonus tracks include songs (“Warum weiß mein Herz nichts von dir“, Nancy María Balach, soprano,
and “Heut’ nacht hab’ ich geträumt von dir”, Joshua Kohl, tenor) that Kálmán inserted in the
Berlin production.
3-CD set       40-page color booklet with complete libretto        
Total playing time:  2 hr 44 min