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OA1010: The Art of Brian Woods (2 CDs)


The Ohio Light Opera
The Art of Brian Woods
(1973 – 2005)

CD 1 Contents

1. Lehár The Land of Smiles    "Yours is my heart alone"       
2. Sullivan The Yeoman of the Guard  "Free from his fetters grim"     
3. Kálmán The Bayadere  "Ah, if I hadn’t said ‘I do’"           
4. Bach St. Matthew Passion  "Mein Jesus schweight / Geduld, Geduld"            
5. Sullivan H.M.S. Pinafore   "A maiden fair to see"      
6. Romberg The Student Prince   "Golden Days"
      with Boyd Mackus
7. Kálmán Countess Maritza  "Childhood memories"
      with Jessie Wright Martin
8. Lehár The Land of Smiles  "A cup of China tea" 
     with Amy Pfrimmer
9-11. Massenet   Three songs from Poème d'Avril    
12. Kálmán The Violet of Montmartre  "The Violet of Montmartre"
      with Nancy Marìa Balach
13. Weill Street Scene  "Lonely House"   
14. Haydn The Creation  "In native worth"     Audio Sample

15. Loewe
"Good day Mr. Lundie"      
      with Julie Wright, Ted Christopher, David Wannen
16. Schubert   "Ave Maria"     
17. Monteverdi L'Incoronazione di Poppea  "Sento un certo non so che"
      with Jessie Wright Martin
18. Kálmán  Countess Maritza  "Vienna Mine" 

CD 2 Contents
1. Romberg The Desert Song   "One flower grows alone in your garden”   
2. Lehár The Land of Smiles   "Patiently Smiling "     
3. Offenbach Orpheus in the Underworld   "Ah, a shepherd am I"           
4. Guonod Roméo et Juliette  "Ah!  Lève-toi soleil"    
5. Sullivan The Pirates of Penzance  "Oh, is there not one maiden breast”   
6. Respighi   "Nevicata"  
7. Respighi   "Nebbie"   
8. Offenbach Regrets Only   "Cruising the highway on his donkey”   
9. Lehár The Land of Smiles  "Beneath the window of my love”    
10. Bach St. Matthew Passion "Ich will bei meinem Jesu wachen"  
11-13. Vaughan Williams   Three songs from The House of Life    
14. Lehár Giuditta   "Comrades, this life is the life for me"   
15. Herbert The Red Mill   "The isle of our dreams"  with Nancy Marìa Balach   
16. Sullivan The Yeoman of the Guard  "Is life a boon?"   
17. Kálmán "Ave Maria" "Sárvári Nóta"   
18. Lehár The Land of Smiles  "Love, what has given you this magic power?” Audio Sample
      with Amy Pfrimmer  

19. Romberg The Student Prince  "Serenade"       with John Bernard, Gary Moss, Lucas Meachem   
20. Kálmán Die Zirkusprinzessin  "Zwei Märchenaugen"

2-CD set                36-page color booklet enclosed                Total playing time:  2 hr 39 min