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OA1008: Operetta Delights (2 CDs)


Vintage Recordings from The Golden Age of Musical Theatre

The top stage, film, and radio stars—Richard Crooks, Ruth Etting, Kenny Baker, Lawrence Tibbett, Gladys Swarthout, and Igor Gorin to name just a few—of the 1920’s and 1930’s sing 41 hit songs taken from the most popular operettas on Broadway and the silver screen.
CD 1 Contents

1. The Land of Smiles: Yours is my heart alone    
       (M: Franz Lehár, L: Harry B. Smith)   Richard Crooks
2. Nina Rosa: My first love, my last love      
       (M: Sigmund Romberg, L: Irving Caesar, Otto Harbach)  
       Frank Luther
3. Devil May Care: If he cared    Audio Sample
       (M: Herbert Stothart, L: Clifford Grey)   Ruth Etting

4. The Mikado: A wandering minstrel    
       (M: Arthur Sullivan, L: William Gilbert)   Kenny Baker
5. The Vagabond King: Only a rose    
       (M: Rudolf Friml, L: Brian Hooker)   Frank Munn
6. The Circus Princess: Like you    
       (M: Emmerich Kálmán, L: Harry B. Smith)   Franklyn Baur
7. The Wild Rose: One golden hour    
       (M: Rudolf Friml, L: Otto Harbach, Oscar Hammerstein II)  
       Gladys Rice
8. Polonaise: Just for tonight    
       (M: Bronislav Kaper/Chopin, L: John LaTouche)  
       Earl Wrightson, Mary Briney
9. Song of The Flame: One little drink    
       (M: Harry Akst, L: Grant Clarke)   Noah Beery
10. Rose of Algeria: Rose of the world    
       (M: Victor Herbert, L: Glen MacDonough)  
       Margaret Daum, Frank Parker
11. Music in May: No other love    
       (M: Maurice Rubens, L: J. Keirn Brennan)  
       Scrappy Lambert, William F. Wirges
12. Caroline: Argentine fox-trot    
       (M: Eduard Künneke)   Joseph C. Smith and His Orchestra
13. The White Horse Inn: Good-bye    
       (M: Robert Stolz, L: Harry Graham)   Joseph Locke
14. Erminie: Lullabye    
       (M: Edward Jakobowski, L: Harry Paulton, Claxson Bellamy)  
       Jessica Dragonette
15. A Waltz Dream: A waltz dream    
       (M: Oscar Straus, L: Adrian Ross)   Richard Crooks
16. Katja, The Dancer: Leander    
       (M: Jean Gilbert, L: Harry Graham)   Park Lane Orchestra, vocalist
17. The Circus Princess: Dear eyes that haunt me    
       (M: Emmerich Kálmán, L: Harry B. Smith)   Lewis James
18. The New Moon: Lover, come back to me    
       (M: Sigmund Romberg, L: Oscar Hammerstein II)   Evelyn Herbert
19. The Wizard of The Nile: Star light, star bright    
       (M: Victor Herbert, L: Harry B. Smith)   Fred Hufsmith
20. The Rogue Song: The white dove    Audio Sample
       (M: Franz Lehár, L: Clifford Grey)   Lawrence Tibbett

CD 2 Contents

1. Countess Maritza: Play gypsies! Dance gypsies!  
       (M: Emmerich Kálmán, L: Harry B. Smith) Igor Gorin
2. The Dream Girl: Dream girl  
       (M: Victor Herbert, L: Rida Johnson Young) Frank Munn
3. Robin Hood: Oh, promise me  
       (M: Reginald DeKoven, L: Clement Scott) Elsie Baker
4. Good-Night Vienna: Good-night Vienna  
       (M: George Posford, L: Eric Maschwitz)
       Debroy Somers Band, vocalist
5. The Three Graces: Gigolette  
       (M: Franz Lehár, L: Irving Caesar) Jack Buchanan
6. Nina Rosa: Nina Rosa  
       (M: Sigmund Romberg, L: Irving Caesar) Burt Lorin
7. Champagne Waltz: Paradise in waltz time  
       (M: Frederick Hollaender, L: Sam Coslow) Gladys Swarthout
8. Naughty Riquette: Someone  
       (M: Maurice Rubens, Alfred Goodman, L: Harry B. Smith)
       Irving Kaufman
9. The Three Musketeers: March of the musketeers  
       (M: Rudolf Friml, L: P. G. Wodehouse, Clifford Grey)
       Bing Crosby, Paul Whiteman
10. The Night is Young: When I grow too old to dream  
       (M: Sigmund Romberg, L: Oscar Hammerstein II) Irene Dunne
11. Golden Dawn: We two  
       (M: Emmerich Kálmán, Herbert Stothart
       L: Oscar Hammerstein II, Otto Harbach)
       Edward Smalle, The Troubadours
12. Castles in The Air: Castles in the air  
       (M: Paul Lincke, L: Adrian Ross) Richard Crooks
13. Victoria and Her Hussar: Mausie  
       (M: Paul Abraham, L: Harry Graham) Oscar Denes, Barbara Diu
14. Blossom Time: Song of love  
       (M: Sigmund Romberg, L: Dorothy Donnelly)
       Lucy Isabelle Marsh, Royal Dadmun
15. Madame Pompadour: Joseph fox-trot  
       (M: Leo Fall) Marek Weber and His Orchestra
16. Rio Rita: If you're in love, you'll waltz  
       (M: Harry Tierney, L: Joseph McCarthy) Bebe Daniels
17. The Fortune Teller: Gypsy love song  
       (M: Victor Herbert, L: Harry B. Smith) Fred Hufsmith
18. Apple Blossoms: You are free  
       (M: Victor Jacobi, L: William LeBaron)
       Margaret Daum, Frank Parker
19. Yes, Mr. Brown: Leave a little for me  
       (M: Paul Abraham, L: Douglas Furber) Jack Buchanan
20. Old Chelsea: My heart and I  
       (M: Richard Tauber, L: Fred Tysh) Joseph Locke
21. Two Hearts in Three-Quarter Time:
       Two hearts swing in three-quarter time

       (M: Robert Stolz, L: Walter Reisch, Armin Robinson)
       Richard Crooks

2-CD set           20-page color booklet enclosed        Total playing time:  2 hr 10 min