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OA1005: Gold and Silver: Celebrating 25 Years of Ohio Light Opera (4 CDs)


GOLD AND SILVER: Celebrating 25 Years of The Ohio Light Opera
CD 1 Contents

1. Sullivan 2002: HMS Pinafore
2. Sullivan 1984: The Mikado
       I've got a little list
       James Stuart
3. Sullivan 1997: Patience
       Love is a plaintive song
       Suzanne Woods
4. Sullivan 1984: Trial By Jury
       When first my old, old love I knew
       David Nolin, chorus
5. Sullivan 1990: The Yeomen of The Guard
       When maiden love
       Jennifer Hilbish
6. Sullivan 1982: The Gondoliers
       O rapture, when alone together
       Sherman Moyer, Diana Amos
7. Sullivan 1989: The Sorcerer
       Ring forth, ye bells
8. Sullivan 1979: The Pirates of Penzance
       When a felon's not engaged
       James Mismas, chorus
9. Sullivan 1984: Iolanthe
       Tripping hither, tripping thither
       Lisa Winger, Heidi Saari, chorus
10. Sullivan 1987: H.M.S. Pinafore
       I am the captain of the Pinafore
       Ken Kramer, chorus
11. Sullivan 1985: Princess Ida
       A lady fair of lineage high
       Sarah McGraw, chorus
12. Sullivan 1995: Ruddigore
       Oh, why am I moody and sad?
       Dennis Jesse, chorus
13. Sullivan 1985: The Gondoliers
       When a merry maiden marries
       Michelle Madej, chorus
14. Sullivan 1986: The Yeomen of The Guard
       I have a song to sing, O
       James Stuart, Dawn Harris
15. Sullivan 1996: The Sorcerer
       When he is here
       Amy Warchol
16. Sullivan 1985: Princess Ida
       Gently, gently
       Nick Wuehrmann, Mark Tobias, Joel Thompson, chorus
17. Sullivan 1995: The Grand Duke
       The die is cast
       Nancy María Balach
18. Sullivan 1983: Utopia, Limited
       I am Captain Corcoran
       Keith Christensen, chorus
19. Sullivan 1992: The Mikado
       The sun, whose rays are all ablaze
       Alissa Walters
20. Sullivan 1989: Trial By Jury
       When I good friends was called to the bar
       Boyd Mackus, chorus
21. Sullivan 1990: H.M.S. Pinafore
       Refrain, audacious tar
       Anne Basinski, David Cody
22. Sullivan 1979: The Pirates of Penzance
       Pour, oh, pour the pirate sherry
       David Galasso, chorus
23. Sullivan 1993: Utopia, Limited
       Ah! Gallant soldier
       John Bellemer, Laura Hemphill, chorus
24. Sullivan 1988: The Gondoliers
       Rising early in the morning
       Kyle Marrero, Chorus
25. Sullivan 1987: Iolanthe
       My lord, a suppliant at your feet
       Christina Seavey, James Stuart, chorus
26. Sullivan 1985: Princess Ida
       If you give me your attention
       Fred Reeder, chorus
27. Sullivan 1997: Patience   Audio Sample
       When I go out of door
       Patrick Yaeger, Ted Christopher

CD 2 Contents
1. Sigmund Romberg 1997: The New Moon Overture
2. Franz Lehár 1994: Giuditta
       Kiss my lips
       Julie Wright, chorus
3. Charles Lecocq 1989: Clairette
       I love Clairette beyond all telling
       Paul Groves
4. Jacques Offenbach 1985: La Vie Parisienne
       Here we are at the place
       Paula Patterson
5. Johann Strauss 1994: The Great Waltz
       A waltz with wings
       Dawn Harris, Dennis Jesse
6. Arthur Sullivan 1982: Ruddigore
       If somebody there chanced to be
       Lee Merrill
7. Otto Nicolai 1995: The Merry Wives of Windsor
       As squalling babe at my mother's breast
       George Cordes
8. Edward German 1984: Merrie England
       O peaceful England
       Debra Knause, chorus
9. Emmerich Kálmán 1985: Countess Maritza
       Nut-brown maiden
       Melinda Thompson, Joel Thompson, Ken Kramer
10. Rudolf Friml 1987: The Vagabond King
       Lay me to snooze in the mud and the ooze
       John Muriello, chorus
11. Jacques Offenbach 1995: Christopher Columbus
       Isabella's jewel song
       Patti Jo Stevens
12. Franz Von Suppé 1990: My Fair Galatea
       Venus, I pray, pity my longing
       John Bellemer, chorus
13. Frederick Loewe 2002: Brigadoon
       The love of my life
       Lauren Pastorek
14. Franz Lehár 1996: The Merry Widow
       Très Parisien
       John Bernard, chorus
15. Arthur Sullivan 1987: Iolanthe
       Oh, foolish fay
       Molly Donnelly, chorus
16. Kurt Weill 1999: The Firebrand of Florence
       Life, love, laughter
       Daniel Neer, chorus
17. Emmerich Kálmán 2002: Autumn Maneuvers
       I am a dashing cavalry boy!
       Lauren Beatty
18. Jacques Offenbach 1988: Orpheus in The Underworld
       When I was king of the Beotians
       James Stuart
19. FedericoChueca/ 1999: La Gran Vía
       We are the calles of Madrid
       Joaquín Valverde Chorus
20. Sigmund Romberg 1999: The Student Prince   Audio Sample
       Brian Woods, John Bernard, Gary Moss, Lucas Meachem

21. Eduard Künneke 2000: The Cousin from Batavia
       Sweetheart, what horrible thoughts
       Suzanne Woods, John Pickle

CD 3 Contents
1. Reynaldo Hahn 1990: Ciboulette
       Prelude to Act II
2. Victor Herbert 1989: Naughty Marietta
       It's pretty soft for Silas
       Kenneth Brundage, chorus
3. Jacques Offenbach 1993: La Périchole
       Oh my dearest
       Catherine Robison
4. Arthur Sullivan 1985: Ruddigore
       I once was a very abandoned person
       Amy Popp, Fred Reeder
5. Franz Lehár 1990: The Land of Smiles
       The only thing I care about
       Danielle Strauss
6. Kurt Weill 1990: Street Scene
       Lonely house
       Nick Wuehrmann
7. Quade Winter 1996: Thespis
       Whispering breeze
       Alison Kelly
8. Jacques Offenbach 1994: La Belle Hélène  Audio Sample
       Entrance of the kings of Greece
       Ian Greenlaw, Kevin Greenlaw, Lars Mellander,
       Todd Ranney, Brian Frutiger, chorus

9. Noël Coward 1998: Bitter Sweet
       Kiss me
       Caroline Taylor, chorus
10. Franz Von Suppé 1983: Boccaccio
       Come tell me now just why it is
       Boyd Mackus, chorus
11. Emmerich Kálmán 1989: Countess Maritza
       When I start dreaming
       Heidi Saari, John Muriello
12. Jacques Offenbach 1992: Les Brigands
       Gaily does our furnace roar
       Spiro Matsos, chorus
13. Heitor Villa-Lobos 1992: Magdalena
       Food for thought
       Kandie Kearley, chorus
14. Arthur Sullivan 1984: Cox and Box
       My master is punctual
       Mark Tobias
15. Franz Lehár 1988: The Count of Luxembourg
       Why is this world of ours so neurotic
       Jennifer Hilbish
16. Charles Lecocq 2000: Le Petit Duc
       There was this little soldier man
       Lucas Meachem, chorus
17. Karl Millöcker 1987: The Beggar Student
       Let us suppose
       Louisa Takahashi, David Holley
18. Jacques Offenbach 1998: Regrets Only
       Now, I'm fed up with your demands
       Elizabeth Peterson
19. Sigmund Romberg 1985: The Student Prince
       Just we two
       Melinda Thompson, David Troiano, chorus
20. Edward German 1984: Merrie England
       We are two proper men
       James Mismas, Ken Kramer, chorus
21. Arthur Sullivan 1987: Iolanthe
       When you're lying awake
       James Stuart
22. Richard Rodgers 2001: Carousel
       You'll never walk alone
       Ann Marie Wilcox, Julie Wright

CD 4 Contents
1. Johann Strauss 1982: The Gypsy Baron
       I've no time for learning writing
       Fred Reeder
2. Carl Zeller 1993: Der Vogelhändler
       I am the girl who brings the mail
       Dawn Harris
3. Arthur Sullivan 1990: The Yeomen of The Guard
       Is life a boon?
       Nick Wuehrmann
4. Emmerich Kálmán 2001: Sari
       There's a city of repute and fame
       Sarah McMahon, Anthony Maida, Jacquelyn Lengfelder
5. Franz Lehár 1990: The Land of Smiles   Audio Sample
       Yours is my heart alone
       Paul Groves

6. Leo Fall 1995: The Dollar Princess
       Like a puppet on a string
       Julie Wright, chorus
7. Jacques Offenbach 1999: La Vie Parisienne
       I am a Whizz
       Richard Stevenson
8. Franz Lehár 1995: Gypsy Love
       Though they say that love is blind
       Judith Hill, Boyd Mackus
9. Richard Rodgers 2001: Carousel
       Ted Christopher
10. Edward German 1984: Merrie England
       The sun in the heaven is high
       Kelvin King, John Schneider, Joel Thompson, chorus
11. Jacques Offenbach 1994: La Belle
       Hélène Isn't it groovy by the ocean
       Siobhan Kolker, chorus
12. Arthur Sullivan 1999: The Pirates of Penzance
       Oh, is there not one maiden breast
       Brian Woods, chorus
13. Daniel Auber 1988: Fra Diavolo
       To our captain, salute!
       Kenneth Brundage, David Holley, Kyle Marrero
14. Jacques Offenbach 1987: Bluebeard
       Well, here's a bunch of nosy pigs
       Priscilla Peebles
15. Arthur Sullivan 1999: The Zoo
       Where is my daughter?
       John-Arthur Miller, Sandra Piques Eddy, chorus
16. Emmerich Kálmán 1993: The Gypsy Princess
       That fellow Cupid
       Bradley Howard, Emily Martin
17. Sigmund Romberg 1997: The New Moon
       Softly, as in a morning sunrise
       John Pickle
18. Jacques Offenbach 2001: Orpheus in The Underworld
       Hip-hop, hip-hop
       Arlene Simmonds, Ted Christopher, Rebecca Comerford
19. Frederick Loewe 2002: Brigadoon
       There but for you go I
       David Wannen, Julie Wright
20. Arthur Sullivan 2001: The Gondoliers
       When a merry maiden marries
       Jessie Wright-Martin, chorus
21. Noël Coward 1998: Bitter Sweet
       Dear little café
       Daniel Neer, Julie Wright
22. Johann Strauss 1981: A Night in Venice
       Finale to Act I
       James Stuart, William Lavonis, chorus

CD#1: 1-27 – William S. Gilbert
CD#2: 2 – Adam Carstairs; 3 – James Stuart; 4,19,21 – Richard Traubner; 5 – Edwin Lester; 6,15 – William S. Gilbert; 7 – Anthony Addison; 8 – Basil Hood; 9 – Nigel Douglas; 10 – Brian Hooker, W. H. Post; 11 – Don White; 12 – Donald Pippin; 13 – Alan Jay Lerner; 14 – Edwin Lester; 16 – Ira Gershwin; 17 – Steven Daigle; 18 – Geoffrey Dunn; 20 – Dorothy Donnelly
CD#3: 2 – Rida Johnson Young; 3 – Maurice Valency; 4,7,12, 21 – William S. Gilbert; 5 – Harry Graham; 6 – Langston Hughes; 8 – Arthur Roberts; 9 – Noël Coward; 10 – John Barker; 11 – Nigel Douglas; 13 – Robert Wright, George Forrest; 14 – F. C. Burnand; 15 – Eric Maschwitz, Nigel Douglas; 16 – Richard Traubner; 17 – Ruth and Thomas Martin; 18 – James Stuart; 19 – Dorothy Donnelly; 20 – Basil Hood; 22 – Oscar Hammerstein II
CD#4: 1 – Henrik Ege; 2, 18 – Richard Traubner; 3,12,20 – William S. Gilbert; 4,13 – James Stuart; 5 – Alan Jay Lerner; 6 – Phil Park; 7 – Charles Kondek; 8 – Adam Carstairs; 9,17 – Oscar Hammerstein II; 10 – Basil Hood; 11 – Arthur Roberts; 14 – Harry S. Pepper; 15 – B. C. Stephenson; 16 – Nigel Douglas; 19 – Harry B. Smith; 21 – Noël Coward; 22 – Richard Gore, James Stuart.
4-CD set 40-page booklet enclosed Total playing time: 5 hr 8 min