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OA1003: Kálmán on Broadway


The Music of Emmerich Kálmán:  Volume 3
In addition to a complete 1940’s radio broadcast of Kálmán's Countess Maritza, the CD features vocal medleys by The Victor Light Opera Company from Miss Springtime and The Yankee Princess, as well as songs and orchestral selections by Igor Gorin, Paul Whiteman, and others.

CD Contents
Countess Maritza           
Radio Broadcast of December 3, 1949
(soloists:  Nancy Carr, Thomas L. Thomas, Ruth Slater)
1. Overture
2. The music thrills me
        Carr, Chorus
3. Dear home of mine
4. Hola!  Follow me  
5. Play gypsies!  Dance gypsies!  
        Thomas, Chorus
6. The one I’m looking for     Audio Sample
        Carr, Chorus 
7. Call of love (music:  Al Goodman)
        Thomas, Slater, Chorus
8. Love is just a flash of light / Love has found my heart (revised by Goodman)
        Carr, Thomas, Chorus
9. Play gypsies!  Dance gypsies! (reprise)
        Carr, Thomas, Chorus
10. In the days gone by   
11. Play gypsies!  Dance gypsies! (reprise) 
        Carr, Thomas, Chorus

Miss Springtime         
12. Vocal medley
        Victor Light Opera Co. 
13. Orchestral medley
        Prince’s Orchestra

The Yankee Princess        
14. Vocal medley
        Victor Light Opera Co.
15. Orchestral medley
        The Serenaders

16. One-step  Prince's Band
17. Waltzes   Victor Continental Orch.

Countess Maritza     
18. Play gypsies!  Dance gypsies!      Audio Sample
        Igor Gorin 
19. Vocal medley Victor Light Opera Co.
20. Vienna so gay 
        John Garrick
21. Orchestral medley
        Paul Whiteman

Lyrics:  2-11, 18, 19—H. B. Smith; 12—P. G. Wodehouse, H. Reynolds;
14—B. G. De Sylva; 20—Arthur Stanley
16-page booklet enclosed                            Total playing time:  1 hr 4 min