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OA1032: He Came From Milwaukee



By Louis Hirsch and Ben Jerome


Teaming with Ben Jerome on his first full show, Louis Hirsch, in He Came from Milwaukee, took his first steps toward transitioning the Broadway musical from its vaudeville/music hall/operetta foundation to a more modern musical paradigm, infectiously melodic throughout and imbued with “new-sound” harmonies and rhythms that would be picked up and refined some years later by Jerome Kern.


Music by Louis A. Hirsch and Ben Jerome      

Lyrics by Edward Madden

Musical Director:  Adam Aceto


1.  Overture



2.  My! What a Cosmopolitan Crowd 

     Hotel Guests

3.  Gypsy Land

     Leska, Girls

4.  If We Were Married

     Betty, Bruce

5.  Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose

     Constance, Duke

6.  Merry Wedding Bells

     Duke, Constance, Betty, Bruce, Chorus

7.  Finale Act 1




8.  Royalty with Dignity

     Citizens of Zurach

9.  Come Back to Bohemia

     Leska, Chorus

10.  Entrance

11.  Consequences

       Herman, Chorus

12.  Zinga Zula Man

       Herman, Chorus

13.  Tie a Red Ribbon on Me


14.  Exit

15.  Sentimental Moon

       Constance, Chorus

16.  There’s an Airplane Air About You

       Bruce, Betty

17.  The Coronation

       Citizens of Zurach

18. Finale Ultimo—Merry Wedding Bells



Bonus Tracks

19.  The Man I Love


20.  If You Were There with Me



1 CD   Total playing time:  62 min.